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Why can't I just have a dental cleaning?

We understand that sometimes a patient just wants to come in to The Whole Tooth for a dental cleaning. However, we don't know what type of cleaning we should provide for you if we don't have a full picture of your current oral health.

An examination is required to determine what the correct treatment would be and if there are any other conditions your Dunwoody dentist should be aware of.

Customized Dental Cleanings

For example, if you aren’t experiencing any problems like cavities or gum disease, a routine teeth cleaning would be appropriate. If your dentist or hygienist finds evidence of gingivitis, they will do a thorough cleaning and be sure to remove the infection.

Some patients have advanced periodontal disease, in which case we would recommend a deep cleaning that would require two longer appointments. Also called scaling and root planing, this type of cleaning is more intensive and designed to get advanced gum disease under control.

Schedule a Dental Exam in Dunwoody, GA

When you become a patient at The Whole Tooth, we’ll build a patient record based on your past history and current dental condition. Once we understand what your needs are, we will make recommendations and develop a treatment plan to help you enjoy your healthiest smile.

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